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Nascar Heat Cheats


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This section will show you how to tweak the options.cfg file found at
c:/program files/hasbro interactive/nascar heat/options.cfg
Open the options.cfg file with notepad.
Force Feedback fix (for the LWFF)
under the [CONTROL] title:
ff_deadband_width -0.900000
ff_dont_trash_inband_spring no
ff_inband_damping 0.000000
ff_inband_spring 0.100000
ff_jolt 0.090000
ff_outband_damping 0.000000
ff_outband_spring 0.500000
ff_torque_gain 0.400000
force_feedback yes

Realistic Damage
Scroll down till you see the [GX] title.
If you would like to see more damage, find the vertex_damage line
and change the no to yes.

Field of View
find the fov line and change the 130.000000 to 110.000000

Realistic Driving Mode
find the [Global] title
then find the hardcore_enabled line and change no to yes.

Sharper Car Colors
Find the [GX] title
Find the desaturate_textures line and set it to yes
Find the disable_triple_buffer line and set it to yes

Disable the startup video
Find the [Global] title
Find the no_video line and set it to yes

Change the draw ahead and back
Find the [GX] title
Find the draw_cars_ahead line and set it to 43
Find the draw_cars_behind line and set it to 12
You can use different numbers than 43 and 12, these are just what I use.

Fix the pull to the left
In the garage, add .100 trim to your setup.


Windows Tweaks
Right-click My Computer, select the Performance tab, click on the File System button. Change the machine role to Network Server. Instead of rebooting your PC, go to the Start button, Run..., type in REGEDIT then go to to this key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\FS Templates\Server\. Make sure the NameCache and PathCache are set to these binary values: NameCache - a9 0a 00 00 PathCache - 40 00 00 00. Exit Regedit and reboot. This will drastically enhance the use of upper memory, especially in machines with more than 32MB of RAM.
Speed Up the Launch of Windows
Edit c:\MSDOS.SYS with a text editor. Add the following under the [options]: Logo=0 Bootdelay=0 You may leave the Logo value 1 to keep the boot up splash screen. When you restart, hold down the shift key while you click on OK.
This will restart only windows and is much quicker. If you cannot save the msdos.sys after you have edited it,
right click it, click on properties, uncheck the read only box. Now repeat the steps above.

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